Heartland is located in the highly acclaimed Crandall Independent School District. The innovative trail system that connects the community amenities also reaches the seven future on-site schools, including the currently open Barbara Walker Elementary and Hollis T. Dietz Elementary.

The schools are planned to be located at the center of the community instead of the edges to allow easy walking access to the schools by students and parents, maximizing safety and convenience.

Barbara Walker Elementary (on-site)

4060 Abbey Road, Heartland, Texas 75126
Phone: (972) 427-6030

Hollis T. Dietz Elementary (ON-SITE)

2080 Sunnybrook Drive, Heartland, TX 75126
Phone: (972) 427-6050

Crandall Middle School

P.O. Box 490, Crandall, Texas 75114
Phone: (972) 427-6080

Crandall High School

P.O. Box 520, 13385 FM 3039, Crandall, Texas 75114
Phone: (972) 427-6150

Trinity Valley Community College

800 Ed Hall Drive, Kaufman, Texas 75142
Phone: (972) 932-4309



The Heartland Education Foundation was established to financially support neighborhood schools. The foundation is funded by ½ of 1% tax on every real estate transaction in Heartland and provides enhanced educational opportunities for Heartland students, such as innovative programming, technology, equipment, and art programs.