More Exciting Changes Coming to Heartland

February 16, 2016
Filed Under: Updates

It’s amazing how the landscape can change in a short period of time! Agricultural fields are being replaced by new streets and lots, lakes have been created where none existed before, and mountains of dirt are piled close to the sky. All these changes are part of the process to further establish the identity of Heartland as a Master-planned Community. The key word being “Community”!

The location for the home builders’ model homes has been moved to Logan Drive in order to reduce conflicting traffic on Abbey Drive. While Lennar Homes’ new home sales personnel has been temporarily working from their trailer, they will be moving into their new 40’ rear entry and 50’ front entry model homes shortly. Bloomfield Homes and History Maker Homes will have the respective 50’ and 60’ wide lot model homes available in short time as well.

The first section of lots adjacent to the new ponds, Sunny Meadow Phase II, opened in September 2015 and has seen a tremendous response from new home buyers. The result is rising home prices and higher home values for existing Heartland residents. Windfield Village Phase I has 235 lots currently under construction with a mix of 40’ rear-entry and 50’ and 60’ front-entry homes that should be available later this Spring (weather permitting).

New trees and landscaping to provide a variety of color, in an initial installation, is being planned around the main entrance at Heartland Parkway and FM 741 to welcome you on your arrival home. Then, to answer your question: “What is the mountain of dirt adjacent to FM 741?” It is a new gateway monument welcoming you home to Heartland. A landscaping wall will be embedded into the side of the mountain with an illuminated steel logo and landscaping and trees covering the remainder of the site. Additional landscaping is planned along FM 741 as well as the removal of old fence/tree lines to enhance the beauty along the drive.

For the existing residents, the Heartland Education Foundation is pursuing sites to provide another four to five bus stop covers to help shelter our children from the rain while awaiting their school buses. The developer is also checking into the viability of adding another pool to the existing amenity center. If the cost is reasonable, we’re pushing to have it built and ready with the opening of the existing pool complex. The new, main Amenity Center that is to be located south of FM 741 is still targeted for completion in 2017.