Developer’s Corner: NEW Builders, Technology, and Architecture

May 8, 2017
Filed Under: Updates

As we welcome Spring, more than just flowers are blossoming at Heartland.

Welcome to Highland Homes and Inspiration Homes. They have joined our family of builders and their homes will be available for purchase in the next phase of construction, which begins this year. Both builders are currently working on their model homes, to be completed this summer.

Also scheduled for completion this summer is Heartland’s second elementary school, Hollis T. Dietz. Dietz Elementary will begin serving Heartland and Crandall students this August, when it opens its doors for the 2017-2018 school year.

Barbara Walker Elementary, Heartland’s first elementary school, opened in 2009 and has an exciting new offering this year: students will learn with the aid of a SmartBoard in their Life Skills Classroom. SmartBoards in the classroom are shown to increase engagement and motivation to participate in both students and teachers (Smith).

In addition to this new technology, Crandall ISD students have the opportunity to take part in a summer STEM program called Camp Invention.

Camp Invention is a week-long program for students K-6th grade and presents children with fun, hands-on challenges that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The provision of a STEM program for boys and girls will help prepare them to think critically, solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. Demand is greater than supply for students who pursue expertise in STEM fields, and there is a shortage of teachers skilled in those subjects.

A targeted STEM program can make the difference for one child’s future, and Heartland is proud to contribute to these types of programs for Crandall ISD students. Camp Invention is sponsored in part by the Heartland Education Foundation, which receives a transfer fee of 0.5% of the gross sales price of all home sales in Heartland.

Camp Invention will be June 26- June 30, 2017 at Nola Kathryn Wilson Elementary School, at 300 South Meadowcreek, Crandall, TX 75114. Cost is $225 per student, visit their website to register.

Finally Heartland residents, keep your eyes open for new flowers and landscaping along Hometown Blvd and around the ponds. Multi-colored LED lit fountains have been installed in the ponds and an architectural metal arch is soon to be constructed and will span Hometown Blvd.

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